wrr specialise in CSR Monier Rooftiles.


Need a little help with selecting the tile that will most suit your house.

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Colour Touch


Roof sarking is positioned under your rooftiles during installation. Some of the profiles require sarking to be installed. Sarking has insulation properties with a summer energy rating of 1.8

Anti Ponding board
Anti ponding board helps stop water pooling at the base of the fascia where the rafter meets the fascia.

Roof Safety Rail
As Western Region Rooftiles is a part of Westside Group (VIC) Pty Ltd we are also able to assist you with all your safety rail requirements. Safety rail can be included as part of your roofing quote.

Temporary Fencing and Site Waste Cages
Westside Group (VIC) Pty Ltd is associated with Western Region Rooftiles. As councils become stricter on site safety it is important to ensure your site is secure and tidy. Follow the link below to find out more about temporary fencing and waste cages.



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